Membership Fees

We’ve given most people a heads-up that it’s coming already, but here’s the official announcement – we need to increase membership fees. The new prices are as follows:

Senior Monthly Membership: £20
Senior one-session payment: £10

Junior or full time student monthly membership: £20
Junior or full time student one-session payment: £7

These prices come in to effect as of 1st January 2022.

And for those of you who are particularly sharp eyed, yes the email’s preview text did have an error; it’s definitely from January 2022, not 2021!

Venue Map

A handy (if rough and ready) guide to where we’ll be in Mayfield School!

rough map of Mayfield School locations

For the junior session, the main hall is straight down the corridor and on the left. For seniors to get to the sports hall, continue past the main hall and through the cafeteria, look for double doors on the right after the stairs; the sports hall is through these and on the right.

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes (lots of them!)

It’s been a busy few weeks! There’s a lot to cover here… let’s start with the most urgent.

New venue: Mayfield School

As most of you know by now, St Edmunds decided that they would no longer staff the venue to the hours needed for our session. Next week (Monday 18th October) will be our last session in St Edmunds.

After half term (starting November 1st) we will be meeting in Mayfield School. The time slots will be the same, but due to other activities running in the sports hall during the first half of the junior session, junior and senior sessions will run in separate spaces.

  • Juniors – 6:30-7:30pm, Mayfield School main hall
  • Seniors – 7pm-9pm, Mayfield School sports hall

The entrance to the venue is on Kensington Road; there is free street parking, and there’s enough space that you shouldn’t struggle to get a spot.


Our chairwoman of many years and member for even longer, Val Yearworth, is taking a well deserved retirement from her duties.

The new chairperson will be Joash Lewis, and Veronique Meheut becomes the new Treasurer. Thomas Carrel is also joining the committee.

Fees increase incoming (not immediate)

We have kept club fees as low as possible and relied on other income and reserves; however the time has come where we must increase the membership fees to stay afloat. The committee voted to increase the membership fee to £20/month; however the date the new fee commences has not yet been decided – you’ll be updated once we’ve figured that part out.

New year, new look

We’re two sessions in to the 2021/22 season and have decided it’s time to retire our venerable old website and build something new. We hope you like it! As of today, the old site will not be updated with information relating to Portsmouth & Southsea; please come to this site in future for everything related to the club. Seacourt and the Hampshire Open will have their own, dedicated sites.

Our junior session has gotten off to a very strong start with the highest numbers we’ve seen in several years. A big welcome to all the new faces! Our senior session has by no means been quiet, though not its busiest either – but it will probably pick up more through the term.

See you all bright and sharp and raring to go on Monday evening 😊