We have implemented measures to help limit risk from the Covid-19 pandemic in line with recommendations from British Fencing, most notably the requirement to book attendance in advance. We hope to wind down these requirements as vaccination levels improve, but will only do so where advice from our governing body, along with our own risk assessments, supports that decision. In the mean time please help us keep our members and spectators safe by following them!

Booking Attendance

All attendance must be booked in advance, using the Playwaze service. This can be done via its website, or Android/iOS app. Create an account and search for the “Portsmouth & Southsea Fencing” community, or use this link. Please note that British Fencing membership is a requirement to fence at all UK clubs – you should get a BF membership first as Playwaze will ask you for it. There is a free 90 day “Introduction” membership available for beginners.

  • For junior fencers, parents should make an account for themselves and create a child account for each junior they are going to bring
    • On computer: go to the {your name} menu > My DetailsChild Accounts page
    • In the app: Profile > Add new linked account
  • You will then need to book each fencer in to a session. If you are booking on behalf of a dependent, first switch to the profile for the fencer
    • On computer: Switch account (next to your profile name)
    • In the app: … more > tap the person rotate icon next to your profile icon
  • Then find the session you want to attend and select the option to attend it. Repeat for any other fencers

Face masks

We strongly encourage people to wear a face mask while not fencing. Wearing a face mask while fencing is optional; as a more comfortable alternative, fencing mask inserts are available from Leon Paul.