If you have a question, someone’s probably asked it before! Here are a few of the most common ones we get:

I am/my child is a complete beginner! Do you cater for that?

Yes! We take on new fencers all the time and you or your child will be in great company, and be able to train and fight with people at a similar stage of their fencing journey. We’re an extremely friendly club and put a lot of effort in to making people feel welcome.

I want to attend your club! What do I need to do?

Awesome! While COVID19 is still around you’ll need to book attendance in advance, and for time/location and all of the standard practical info, go to the club sessions page.

Do I need to buy all of the kit? Isn’t it expensive?

Not at first; we keep a store of kit for beginners to borrow. You should consider getting your own if you have been fencing more than a year, and especially if you want to enter competitions. Fencing isn’t the cheapest sport, but nor is it the most expensive; a full set of brand-new equipment from a good quality manufacturer costs £400-£600.

Buying second hand can save you a lot, but please check with us if you go for this option, as some older equipment may not meet the modern safety standards required by British Fencing.

If I’m using club kit, what should I wear to the session?

A t-shirt, long sports trousers (not shorts), and indoor non-marking shoes. Bring a bottle of water too.

Does it hurt? Do people get injured?

Not if you do it right. No sport is completely injury-free, but statistically fencing is one of the safest. When you’re wearing the proper equipment and using the correct technique, a hit with a sword feels barely more than if someone prodded you with their finger!