Club Sessions

Our club sessions run on Monday nights in Mayfield School (please note, junior and senior sessions take place in separate rooms). Our calendar follows the school opening dates, which can be found here; though there are occasional exceptions which will be announced via our mailing list and social media accounts.


Please note that we still have some adjustments for COVID19 in effect; in particular, all sessions must be booked in advance using Playwaze. The full information can be found here.


Children from 8-15 can fence in the Junior session, which runs from 6:30-7:30pm in the main hall. Our junior members are taught sabre by Andrew Norris.

Due to high demand our junior session has reached full capacity and there is now a waiting list. Since it is very new, at present we cannot give an estimate of how long a wait there might be – please watch this space, we will update with an estimate when possible. Our waiting list will be run as follows:

  • If you wish to have your child added to the waiting list, please send us an email with your child’s name. If they are not yet 8 years old, please also indicate in which month they will turn 8.
  • Position on the waiting list will be ordered by when we receive your enquiry
  • Available slots will be given to the first eligible child on the list (i.e. if your child is listed first but a slot becomes available before they turn 8 it will go to the next child aged over 8)
  • We will notify you by email when you are able to claim an available slot, and you will have two weeks to respond; if we do not receive a response within that time, it will be made available to the next person waiting
  • Once joined, there will be a minor attendance requirement – if a member does not attend for six consecutive sessions, and there is anyone eligible on the waiting list, the spot will be considered available
    • however we can extend this period if there are reasonable circumstances, e.g. recovering from illness/injury, provided you let us know within that period
    • If the spot is claimed, we will notify the former member immediately so that they can cancel any standing order membership payment


Our senior session caters for all three weapons, for ages 13 and up (if under 16, the junior session is recommended unless the fencer is experienced and confident – please check with the coach if you are unsure). This session is from 7pm-9pm in the sports hall. Beginner classes for foil are run by Gordon Daniels, and coaching in other weapons is also available.

What should I bring?

Beginners only need indoor sports clothing and a bottle of water. Wear shoes with non-marking soles, and long sports trousers (not shorts). The club maintains the specialist equipment required in a range of sizes for beginners to borrow.

We expect long-term fencers to purchase their own kit once they decide to commit to the sport. We are happy to provide advice on what to look for when buying your own equipment.

Required membership

It is now a requirement to be a member of British Fencing. A free trial membership is available for new starters, which lasts for 90 days. Registration and information on all the available types of membership can be found on the British Fencing website. If you need any clarification, please send us an email or ask during the session, and we will be happy to help you identify the correct choice.


Club fees are payable by standing order, or as cash on the night.

Juniors and full time students:

  • £20 / month standing order, or
  • £7 per session


  • £20 / month standing order, or
  • £10 per session

You may attend the first session for free. We prefer to take on-the-night payments as cash, and if you are paying monthly it must be by standing order. The details are as follows:

Account: 01789294

Sort code: 30-96-11

We would prefer standing orders to be made on the 5th of each month. If you are setting the standing order up for someone other than yourself (e.g. you are paying for your child), please include the name of the fencer in the payment reference field.